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Sugar Metabolizer

Sugar Metabolizer


Sugar Metabolizer helps to:

  • Increase metabolism
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Increase weight loss, reduce fatigue
  • Lower triglycerides and cholesterol
  • Increase cognitive function
  • Additional Information

    Unlock the metabolic power of your liver with Sugar Metabolizer. It is made up of chlorogenic acid (a polyphenol), a compound found in most green plants, and is produced through plant metabolism. It is made up of 4 different antioxidant phenols, which combine to make one very effective antioxidant. Chlorogenic acid is found in large amounts in dandelion and chrysanthemum but is most easily and efficiently extracted from green coffee beans. Thus, chlorogenic acid is also known as "green coffee bean extract."

    Your liver metabolizes nutrients from your digested food. The nutrients travel through a venous system called the hepatic portal vein directly to the liver to be metabolized into glucose, the fuel for all the cells in your body. As you digest food, the pancreas secretes insulin into the hepatic portal vein and is then carried into the liver with the digested food. As much as 90% of insulin produced by the pancreas is utilized in the liver, requiring the hormone in large amounts. Each cell in the liver contains 200,000 insulin receptor sites. Think of each receptor site as a door to the cell that only opens to let nutrients in when insulin, the key, opens the door. Thus, insulin unlocks the liver cells making them available to metabolize nutrients and deliver glucose accurately into our bloodstream. Sugar Metabolizer makes all of the receptor sites more sensitive to insulin, causing the doors to open quickly, therefore, increasing your metabolism. This will have a dramatic effect throughout your body.

    Key Ingredients:

    Green Coffee Bean Extract: Concentrated chlorogenic acid extracted from green coffee beans is the only ingredient in Sugar Metabolizer. The beans are fair trade and organic, sourced from Colombian plantations, and made with 100% pure ingredients with no additives. No harmful chemicals are used to pull out the caffeine, so a small amount remains—approximately 5 mg. If you are very sensitive to it, you may notice the caffeine, but most people have no effects.


    Take 1 capsule with each meal or as directed by your physician if pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare professional before use.


    Would a detox be helpful as well?

    • Absolutely, a detox would be beneficial. Consider a 2 Week Detox to help cleanse the liver from toxins, which will assist in restoring its full functionality. Detoxification protocols will kick-start the healing within your liver.

    Should I change my diet at all?

    • If at all possible, yes. Sugar Metabolizer is also a great supplement to assist the body when transitioning off the standard American diet and into an organic, nutrient-rich diet higher in fruits and vegetables. After completing a 2 Week Detox, pair Sugar Metabolizer with Black Brew, Digestive Detox, and Inflamagone for the ultimate combination of digestive and liver support. This will help maintain the normal and healthy function of your liver.

    What do you mean by increased "cognitive function"?

    • When the liver becomes less reactive to insulin or insulin-resistant, this can cause the brain to become inefficient at processing glucose as well. The only fuel your brain uses is glucose, so if it doesn't process it well, then you begin to lose many cognitive abilities. Alzheimer's and dementia are examples of what happens when the brain is starved of glucose. ADD, and ADHD are good examples of what happens when the mind is flooded with too much glucose.
    • Also, increasing the liver's ability to metabolize nutrients and utilize insulin enhances the brain's ability to use glucose and not starve. When the liver metabolizes properly and insulin opens the doors it is supposed to open, glucose levels are normalized.

    What if my liver is in a poor state?

    • Sugar Metabolizer is not a remedy for a poorly functioning or fatty liver. It is merely a way to enhance its function while you take more substantial action to heal your liver if needed. 

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