About Dennis

Over 45 years studying the Mind/Body connection

When his wife became devastatingly ill, Dennis was on a mission to bring her back to health. During that time, his wife had a near death experience, which changed the course of both of their lives. Having gone through such a traumatic experience, he decided he wanted to dedicate his life to helping others find their way back to wellness.

Dennis is a certified Health and Wellness Coach under Dr. Axe. His other certifications include: Reconnective Healing, Negative Emotional Release, Detox protocols, Micro-current Therapy, The Silva Method (Adv), and Eastern Philosophy.  

He has also studied TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Advanced detox protocols with Dr. Nuzum and Advanced Carbon Technologies (Fulvic/Humic acids) with Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd.

He has traveled the country to study from a diverse set of practitioners, which included, quantum physicists, psychologists, hypnotherapists, gurus, martial arts grand masters, naturopaths, alternative health facilitators and shamans.

Throughout nearly everything he does as a professional, Dennis remains steadfast in his dedication to advancing his knowledge in the field of health and wellness, so that he can continue to offer his clients exceptional services.