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  • Helps balance existing healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Supports proper and effective metabolism.
  • Promotes cardiovascular, cellular, cognitive, and digestive health.
  • Product Info

    GCO is formulated with Carbon Technology.

    What Is Carbon Technology?

    Carbon Technology is a proprietary blend of humic and fulvic acids, polysaccharides, and polyelectrolytes. These ingredients work together to support the body’s ability to bind and remove unwanted elements and repair cellular damage.

    When combined with other ingredients, Carbon Technology supports their optimal delivery and absorption by protecting them from being digested by stomach acid.

    GCO benefits:

    • Helps balance existing healthy blood sugar levels
    • Supports effective fat metabolism
    • Encourages the delayed breakdown of carbohydrates into sugars and glucose delivery into the gut
    • Supports cardiovascular, cognitive, and digestive function
    • Promotes cellular health
    • No fillers, additives, or GMOs
    • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free

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