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Digestive Enzyme Capsules (Ancient Nutrition)

Digestive Enzyme Capsules (Ancient Nutrition)

  • Promotes healthy digestive function & elimination†
  • Helps to maintain healthy gut microflora†
  • Features fermented mushrooms and botanicals, digestive enzymes, probiotics and fiber
  • Features 2 Billion CFUs* of Bacillus coagulans
  • Additional Info


    You’ve most likely heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.” The truth is, you are what you digest. Approximately 80% of Americans eat a diet high in processed foods stripped of many beneficial enzymes. With insufficient enzyme production, food isn’t digested as efficiently as it should be. That’s why we spent years perfecting this all-in-one premium digestive supplement. It features a blend of fermented mushrooms and botanicals, 11 select enzymes, and 2 Billion CFUs* of probiotic support per serving. Three daily capsules deliver support for a healthy gut microflora and healthy digestive function.† Mushrooms, in general, can help support a healthy immune system.


    Digestive Enzyme Blend

    This unique blend includes 10 essential digestive enzymes such as cellulase, amylase, protease, lipase and more.

    Bacillus coagulans

    This shelf-stable probiotic strain supports healthy digestive function, healthy elimination and helps maintain healthy gut microflora.†

    Fermented Botanical Blend

    With fermented, whole-food ingredients like organic black pepper fruit, organic ginger root, and organic turmeric root, these tried-and-true fermented ingredients add another layer of goodness.

    Full List Of Ingredients

    Fermented Mushroom and Botanical Blend
    Organic Fermented Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) Mycelium, Organic Fermented Black Pepper Fruit, Organic Fermented Ginger Root, Organic Fermented Turmeric Root

    Digestive Enzyme, Probiotic and Fiber Blend
    Organic Flax Seed Fiber, Bromelain, Cellulase, Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Kiwifruit, Xylanase, Bacillus coagulans (2 Billion CFU), Phytase, Pectinase, Lactase, Hemicellulase, Invertase.

    Other ingredients: Hypromellose.

    Nutrition Information


    3 Capsules



    Fermented Mushroom and Botanical Blend 900mg +
    Digestive Enzyme, Probiotic and Fiber Blend 638mg +

    % Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

    * Daily Value not established.

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