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Heal your body from the inside out!

Detox & Wellness Coach
Dennis Petosa


Your Detox and Health Coach

Dennis has spent over 45 years studying Health and the Mind/Body Connection.

Dennis is a certified Health and Wellness Coach under Dr. Axe. His other certifications include: Reconnective Healing, Negative Emotional Release, Detox protocols, Micro-current Therapy, The Silva Method (Adv), and Eastern Philosophy.  

He has also studied TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Advanced detox protocols with Dr. Nuzum and Advanced Carbon Technologies (Fulvic/Humic acids) with Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd.

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Detox Roadmap

Treating the Root causes, not the symptoms.

In order to promote healing, one must change the environmental terrain of the body.

This involves a mental shift as well.

The road to wellness requires a positive mindset, especially since using the protocol may encourage an upheaval of emotions.

The goal is to treat root causes and not just put band-aids on symptoms. But not just any route can be taken for full body healing. Detox starts with drainage. 

The detox approach here is simple: support the body’s natural ability to remove unwanted factors through effective drainage and mitochondrial support. This is the reason CellCore products were created — to reset the body for long-term wellness, not just temporary fixes.  

This protocol provides a clear roadmap to make changes, adjust, and move forward from the chronic illness putting limits on your daily life.


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