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Black Brew Blend

Black Brew Blend


Discover the power of one of the most effective, gut-healing, and detoxifying formulas ever created—Black Brew. Most of us have enough daily toxin exposure that consistent intake of Black Brew is needed to help keep waste from accumulating in our systems. Black Brew is like Miracle-Grow for your microbiome.

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    Key Ingredients:
    Humic, Fulvic, and Ulmic acids combined with poly-dispersed carbon and ion compounds.

    Humic acid on its own can strip minerals from your body if used over long periods. By combining humic with carbon compounds, it becomes a super electrolyte helping the body pull nutrition through the gut wall and into the bloodstream. Then it can be delivered where it is needed the most.

    Fulvic acid is a fantastic chelator and transportation system. Fulvic can assist humic acid by increasing the number of nutrients that can be carried in, and the amount of waste that can be carried out.

    Ulmic acid is one of the best front-line defenses against hormone disruptors. Ulmic acid can chelate waste and toxins from hormone receptor sites allowing them to remain “open” so hormones can “plug-in” instead of being blocked by toxins.

    Your 100% Natural detoxifying blend with…

    No heavy metals, activated charcoal, or toxins

    Nano-sized Particles

    Black Brew is made with a proprietary formula made of nano acids to increase the absorption of nutrients. These acids are then utilized by the cell to aid in detoxification and the removal of toxins from the body.

    Powerful Detoxifier

    Reach down deeper beneath your skin to draw out toxins, coat the gut wall, heal damage, and calm inflammation with Black Brew.

    Black Brew features the purest, organic ingredients

    A proprietary blend of Nano Fulvic Acid, Nano Humic Acid, and Nano Ulmic Acid

    Uniquely formulated by Dr. Nuzum

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Who can benefit from taking Black Brew?                          Always consult your physician before taking any supplement. Anyone looking to increase their ability to detoxify would greatly benefit from this formula. It is effective in chelating heavy metals, neutralizing radiation, and unblocking hormone receptor sites. This is why it is a crucial component in most of the bundles like our Detox Programs found here. Because this enhances the body so well it is important to make sure the bowls are moving well both before and while you're taking it. If the bowls are not, pairing this product with Digestive Detox or Nuzum's Digest is best. Due to the detoxifying effects, we do not recommend it for pregnant or breastfeeding women.         
    • How is Black Brew different from Charcoal?                        When activated charcoal is ingested, it acts like a sponge traveling through your system. It does not discriminate what it pulls out, including healthy microbes. Activated charcoal takes everything with it, making it an excellent remedy for quickly clearing toxins or poison from the digestive system. While Black Brew neutralizes toxins, it also greatly enhances the absorption of nutrients, coats the gut wall helping it heal in less time, and provides nutrition to your microbiome. So, even though both mixtures are almost black in color, they act quite differently within the body.


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